My Plan for Prosperity and Opportunity


  • Work with existing businesses to encourage local investment and expansion

  • Create pro-business policies that will attract new businesses to rural counties

  • Ensure Chester and York counties receive their fair share of economic development funding

  • Regulation must be sensible and taxes must be kept as low as possible


  • Attract and retain quality teachers by raising teacher pay

  • Statewide 4-K

  • Let teachers teach!


  • Encourage good-paying jobs to keep our young men and women in Chester and York Counties

  • Increase access to technical education and on-the-job training

  • Use tax incentives when necessary to attract manufacturing investments and the good-paying jobs they provide



  • Work with our community including pastors, local elected officials, teachers, and citizens of Chester and York counties to ensure state-level policies align with our community’s values

  • Fight the corruption in Columbia that drains our tax dollars and burdens our families

  • Make sure District 43 and Chester/York Counties are protected in the upcoming redistricting

  • Improve our schools through investments in our teachers and children


  • Voted for the Heartbeat Bill, which limits abortion after a baby’s heartbeat can be heard (Signed by the Governor)

  • Knows life begins at conception and will stand firm to protect it

  • Opposes any effort to weaken Pro-Life protections

  • Believes Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics should receive ZERO state or local funding

  • Christian, Father, and Husband who is a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Rock Hill

Randy Ligon is the name Chester and York counties can trust to fight for conservative, common sense values and new jobs.